Sunday, 30 September 2012

Is that SUN I think I see?!

Good Morning Beauties, 

I hope this smashingly sunny Sunday morning finds you all smiling a little more than usual? It's Christie here, sister to Caitlin and currently babysitter to From the Heart! 

The uncharacteristic English sun on this Sunday reminds me that those cheeky UVB  assasins are ever present and ready to damage your beautiful skin, come sun, rain cloud and all, if you let them!  

Not big fans of suncream of any kind, Caits and I have been on a mission to find a solution and I think we’ve struck gold - a little pricier but well worth the investment - Clinique’s City Block SPF 25 is, I firmly believe, the way forward. Its a little like a tinted moisturizer so you can go it alone for that fresh faced and dewy look, or, if like me, you prefer a little more coverage, its ideal under your foundation. Not only does it protect you from those cheeky cheeky rays that WILL age you prematurely if you let them (yes, I am assured by professionals that this is EVEN the case in grey and gloomy England), it also acts as a pretty smashing primer, giving your foundation a even and dewy finish. 

An added bonus is that SPF 25 is BELOW SPF 30 (God, I’m smart...) and what that means is that it doesn’t reflect horrendously in photos, as anything over 30 does. This is a plus if you’re anything like us, a little snappy happy at times...
Speaking of which, Caits and I will be in Brighton today and hope we’ll get some pics for all you beauties! 

Toodlepip for now, 

Christie XOXO

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