Sunday, 10 March 2013

Good Luck to my Best Friend

Dear all,

I hope you have all had a lovely day, celebrating and remembering mothers and their special places in our lives. It's always good to leave the craziness of our busy lives behind for a day and to cherish a day dedicated to moms, in any way we can.

x Happy Mothers Day x
So, how did you spend it?

So, Cait and I spent the day in Brighton with ours. The reason that we were in Brighton specifically was that our wonderful mama was accompanying Cait down there for her PGCE (teaching) interview at the University of Sussex tomorrow; Dad and I just decided to tag along for the ride and make a Mother's Day Special of it! Wow, it was cold though!

So, in view of the big day tomorrow, I wanted to write a few words of good luck and encouragement to my beautiful sister.

Now, you may have noticed that she has been a little quiet on the blogging front of late and that is because the universe has been sending a few 'tests' her way...Having decided to apply to complete her teaching qualification, and having worked inspiringly hard in completing her application, she was struck by a few stumbling blocks, not least including the fact that the University has filled its places before she even had the chance to interview. And to add insult to literal injury, this news arrived just days after an emergency appendectomy in South Africa! The poor patient still can't drive or work and now has an impressive (but neat) war-wound just wear her appendix used to be!

                    x Some of the heart warming cards Caits received from the school she is a teaching assistant at...x 

Nevertheless, like the super star that she is, she has decided to put all that hard work to use and to go and interview anyway. And to give it her very best while she is at it. For this choice, I have the utmost admiration - lesser girls and boys may let this news (with or without an appendix!) get the better of them and may have decided to opt out of following the application process through. As a result and simply because they weren't lucky enough to get an interview date early, universities around the country may be losing out on some the best students and potential teachers they may ever have seen.

Because that girls and boys, is what my sister is - one of the best teachers there is, and will be. Following in the footsteps of our gorgeous and inspiring mother who certainly was.

Cait will give her heart (a big one!) to her students, will nurture each and every one of them (just as she has her family and her friends her whole life) and will, without doubt, inspire hope, not only in every one of her students but in anyone who has the privilege of studying and working with her.

She is the most tenacious person I know and despite never really appreciating her brilliance herself, she never, NEVER, gives up. And this will be no exception.

So I can only hope that the University can see not only what potential she has, but what an honour it would be to teach her.

Because she is wonderful.

And because to make any decision other than to find a way to accept her despite being 'full' would be an unequivocal mistake. Because she is, and will be, the best thing that ever happened to the children she will one day teach.

I love her with all of my heart; she is without doubt my best friend and my inspiration and, coming from an older sister, apparently that is quite something ;)

So beautiful readers, I would really really love it if you could root for her tomorrow, as I will be; your positive vibes would be appreciated more than you could possibly know.

x Always my best friend x
We love you all and don't forget - we will be announcing the winner of the giveaway THIS week! Eep - excitement!

Love love,



  1. Best of luck Cait getting accepted onto your course!

  2. Aww thats such a lovely post! Good Luck, i'm sure Cait will make a wonderful teacher! X

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