Saturday, 9 March 2013

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Hey beauties,

How is life treating you this fine Saturday? It seems as though London flirted with the possibility of Spring today, what with a couple of rays of sunshine and even a little blue sky. Exciting times!

So, Cait has been in South Africa and I have been moving house, so yet again, we must apologise for having been so quiet but don't worry, we haven't forgotten you, or our giveaway for that matter! It is not long now until the winner will be announced so, for anyone who hasn't yet gotten round to entering, you still have time! (not much of it mind you so get moving - 3 days to go!)

So, I am sitting on the sofa watching some terrible day time TV and enjoying some tea and a gorgeous box of artisan du chocolat so as you may have guessed, its been a girlie pamper day. And as you will also have guessed, such a day would be simply incomplete without an array of gorgeous Lush products.

I must admit, I hadn't ventured into the heaven that is Lush for years and only set foot in a store again fairly recently but wow, I have been missing out! As many of us know by now (Instagram leads me to believe there are many many a sharer of this passion for Lush products), the bath bombs are, quite simply, AMAZING. Add to that the face masks, the Roe's Argon Body Conditioner and the Bubblegum Lip Scrub and you are away. Whilst every time I set foot in store (which is worryingly frequently I must admit), I like to try a different bath bomb, my staples are undoubtable the Comforter, the Dragon's Egg and the other products mentioned above.

The Bubblegum Lip Scrub is so gorgeous - it is ideal for these Wintery months we have been fighting our way through as I am not sure about you, but my lips certainly get pretty dry and chapped. Making a my favorite red lipsticks a no-go just when I need it the most! This sad state of affairs is no longer though as thanks to this divine tasting scrub; it is even made from sugar so you can literally eat it off your newly soft and polished lips! The only thing I will say is, because it is pretty much just like 'damp' sugar, it has the propensity to be a little messy so do do it over the sink; sugar underfoot is never pleasant.

I came across the Roe's Argon Body Conditioner in one of the Lush gift boxes which I was lovingly given for my birthday - I had to replace the sample pot with a BIGGG pot because I loved its unusual, 'rose but not quite' scent and its insanely potent moisturizing properties. You can literally see the change in your skin and you can also see your skin craving it when you miss it for a couple of days (perhaps that is not ideal?!). What I notice about the majority of creams, regardless of price, is that if I moisturise in the evening, by the time I get into the shower in the morning, my skin still feels sorta slimy and like the moisturiser has just been sitting on top of my skin. Now, unless I am literally lathering myself in a bottle a day (which I assure you, I am not), this leads me to conclude that, more often that not, the cream isn't sinking in. Which doesn't make me happy. But again, no longer because this is absolutely not the case with the body conditioner! Now, you can use the conditioner in the shower, much the same way as you would for your hair, but I have tended to apply it to dry skin and leave it in and by the time I take a shower in the morning, my skin seems to have lapped it all up! Literally!

The two face masks I have tried and loved are the Brazen Honey and the Catastrophe Cosmetic masks - both of which I highly recommend. Don't be alarmed by the colour of the latter - it does look a little gross, but smells deceptively gorgeous and really does calm down alarmed skin - if it works for me, I can say with relative assurance that it is a GOOD product, being that my skin has been participating in some sort of strike action in recent weeks. I can't say it miraculously got rid of all blemishes and imperfections, but it left my skin feeling calmed, less red and generally pampered and encouraged to behave itself better in future.

I would probably recommend the above, Catastrophe Cosmetic, over the Brazen Honey mask but saying that, the latter is just a really nice mid week, radiance boosting treat. If you are like me, and your skin starts heading towards the greyer end of the luminosity spectrum when you get to about mid week and fundamentally haven't been getting enough sleep, this is your weapon of choice; its a great pick me up, and followed by my new favourite foundation Rimmel Wake Me Up, you will be looking alive again in no time!

Speaking of makeup, who knew Lush did it?! Now, I must admit I was, and still am, a little sceptical - I am something of a make up snob so I am not sure that I will be venturing into the bright blues and greens on show in Lush. But I did decide to give the mascara a go - actually primarily because of it's size and handiness for travel (a key consideration when you find yourself constantly on the go!). And what can I say - I am MASSIVELY impressed. It lengthens without being clumpy and it does 'malt' on to the lower eye area as so many lengthening mascaras do. It also has an almost dewy sheen to the finish - making your lashes look so fresh and brightening your eyes as as well. I would definitely recommend giving this a try - we would love to hear what you thought of it.

So, what Lush products do you Love and which do you Lust after?

Have a beautiful Saturday readers - we would love to hear how you are spending it.



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