Monday, 8 April 2013

Caitie's March Favourites

Hello beautiful, beautiful readers!

How are you all on this sunny Monday? It seems spring may have finally sprung here in the UK, and I for one couldn't be happier!

Once again, I apologise for my absence on the blogaroo of late. Having had an internationally situated appendectomy I have spent the last four weeks recovering and just last week returned to work, which was EXHAUSTING! It would appear that having an appendage removed is one hell of a process!

Despite being somewhat painful, March was a good month for me in terms of being wowed by beauty products. I ventured into Boots on a number of occasions and picked up quite a few products that I have reached for throughout March and am still reaching for in April. So, it only seems fair that I share these products with you all!

I've been loving the Batiste 'Tropical' dry shampoo... Although I know Batiste gets a bad rep for leaving a white residue in your hair I've found that if I spray it from the right distance and brush my hair thoroughly it's perfect for me. I love the scent of this dry shampoo and the extra body it gives my 'do'. I've also been loving this 'Argan Oil' I picked up at Boots... It comes in at around the £10.00 price mark but is a generous size at 100ml and makes your hair feel like silk and smell like satsumas... Win win, I'd say!

Now, if you haven't heard of Bioderma I'd have to say you've been hiding under a rock (which would be unsurprising given the weather here in the UK). It's a microcellular solution (what that is, I don't know!) that is just FABULOUS at removing makeup. I use Bioderma in the evening to remove most of my makeup and then wash my face with my La Roche Possay Effaclar face wash and hey ho, I'm good to go! To my knowledge Bioderma is not available in the UK (come on Boots!) so I purchase mine from an excellent eBay seller here. That reminds me, I'm running low... eBay here I come!

Another skincare favourite in March was the La Roche Possay Soothing Repairing Balm recommended by the gorgeous Essie Button. Essie recommended this product for this with eczema-prone skin, which I have, and I must say, it WORKS! (If you have eczema-prone skin you'll know that's not a phrase that's used often... Most lotions and potions promise to work but fall disappointingly short). It's pricy at around £15.00, but you need so little for your crusty areas (too much info?!) that I'm confident it'll last me a long time. 

Makeup wise, I've been reaching for my Mac 'Gentle' mineralize blusher on an almost daily basis. My sister gave this to me as a post-appendectomy treat (thank you Christie!!!) and I absolutely LOVE it. It's a perfect girly pink that gives the cheeks a natural and healthy flush... Would it be too cringe-worthy to say it gives me a 'spring' in my step in spring?! I don't care, I've said it anyway!

I've also been LOVING Rimmel's Appocolips range of lip laquers... I wasn't sure whether to try these bad boys or not... After seeing them advertised continuously on TV I was tempted but what really sold me was, surprise surprise, Essie's raving review of them! My sister and I both picked them up in a couple of shades and have reached for them almost daily... Another big thank you to Essie- your recommendations are always right on the mark!

Mac 'Gentle' Mineralize Blush 

Finally, I've been loving my L'OrĂ©al 'False Lash Telescopic' mascara. This was a product I meant to pick up donkeys years ago, after hearing almost every beauty blogger and their sister RAVE about it. I had my reservations about trying it simply because I am a bit of a mascara snob and have found very few drugstore brand mascaras that I  like enough to wear on a daily basis. My snobbery was snubbed when I tried this bad boy, however, because it's just FABULOUS! It separates and lengthens (which is what it promises to do) and is fast becoming an everyday essential. 

Just a little close up of the magic wand for y'all...

So, my beautiful friends, those are my March favourites for you... I hope this post has been somewhat interesting...

Have you tried any of these products? If so, what do you think of them? What are your March favourites? Christie and I are always looking for new products to try.

Lots and lots of love to you all,

From the Heart,

Christie and Caitie xoxo


  1. This Mac Blusher looks gorgeous!

    Nyss x

    1. It is gorgeous! It's the perfect pink... And being a mineralize blusher it gives you a gorgeous natural glow! I just can't get enough of Mac blushers! <3

  2. Caitie Cat, you do so make me laugh! Is it acceptable to admit to loving reading our blog as much as I love writing for it? Obviously I mean your posts...a narcissist I am not.

    My March favs are winging there way over to you in words shortly beautiful beauties - watch this space <3

  3. Batiste Dry Shampoo is a saviour!

    Now following you on GFC and would be great to get a follow back, if you would like to follow each other? :)

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