Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Christie's March Favourites

Hey there lovely readers, 

How are you all doing? Those of you in the UK, how have you been spending these magnificently rare days of sunshine? I confess, I did not spend nearly enough of it outside and as a result, my vitamin D levels are still at a record low undoubtedly. However, my spirit - well my spirit is peaking out from under the rock its been hiding all winter and is hopeful that Spring and shock horror, even SUMMER, may be just around the corner....

Anyhooooooooo, I should really hurry along and get to the point before Summer actually arrives and I STILL haven't shared my March favourites...

So, I should warn you, my favourites are likely to be a little more random that Cait's; partly because I am random but mainly because we have shared many of the same beauty fav's this month and honestly, she got there first in writing about them....examples of such shared obsessions include the Rimmel Apocalips, L'Oréal 'False Lash Telescopic' mascara and of course the blogger and their brother, dog, sister and cat's favourite, Bioderma Sensibio H20. Some things are honestly just worth the fuss and that last one particularly, really really is. Really.

So a few more of my March Favourites....

This month I have actually been loving a cheeky 'hand me down' from Caitie - this Estee Lauder Deluxe All-Over Face Compact; it's a bronzer and blusher quad that was actually from their Blockbuster a couple of years ago but I rediscovered this in one of my sister's many (many) 'sort outs' and have really been loving it. That said, I know that it is a little cheeky to include something that is no longer available but fear not beauties, the compact is made up of the soft matt bronzer 'Bronze Goddess' which is still available and while the blushes were from the Estee Lauder Signature Collection which doesn't appear to be available anymore, there will be close colour matches available in their new 'Pure Color' collection. Given my aim this month to dip my toe in the whole coral trend that seems to be going on in the blogasphere, the shade I have been loving alongside the bronzer is 'Radiant Peach'; its got predictably orange undertones which are subtle enough for those not too sure about the trend and a cute iridescence about it that adds nicely to that dewy look (if that's what you are after; I absolutely am).  The colour pay off and the staying power are both brill too!

Along with the L'Oréal 'False Lash Telescopic' mascara which is fast becoming a daily staple, I have been a little bit of a victim and have been totally sold on the the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. It is actually amazing - no more panda eyes half was through the day and none of these annoying little 'bitties' that seem to flake off if you do use regular mascara on the bottom lashes (bitties? Really? Could I not have thought of a better term?! Well, willing to guess you know what I mean though ;)) And also, it is so damn cute! Its teeny tiny brush and overall compactness just make me happy; what else can I say?

Another little discovery this month (and I preface this with the fact that I am a massively late to the party on this one!) was the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner....I have been asking myself, HOW have I not tried gel eyeliner before now?! I have to be honest, no matter how many people told me that it was a million times easier to apply than a liquid liner, I refused to believe it - I just couldn't conceptualise it and I thought it was just a massive conspiracy. Ok, a tad dramatic, but you see where I am going with that. Anyhow, I was in Boots and they had 3 for 2 on all cosmetics at the time (LOVE a bargain) so I thought I would pick one up and try it and Oh. My. Word.

That is all I have to say about that. Honestly; If you haven't, try it; it is a cheap and infallible alternative to the Bobbi Brown gel liner and it is honestly honestly worth it, particularly if you are a fan of the winged liner look.

Now I picked this up in February but you know how it is when you pick up new products and then for one or another reason, don't get around to trying them straight away right? So it has been a massive pick me up for my hair this month. Now, one thing you should know about me and hair is...fundamentally, I am useless. I have no patience with it, too much of it and just need quick and easy fixes that at least lessen the lion-like-ness of it all. And thats where this little gem comes in; Bed Head Sugar Rush is quite a lot like your standard salt spray but instead of salt, its key ingredient is sugar so I guess it is a little stickier; for that reason I would advise going easy on the amount you use if you still want your hair to feel like hair and not like, say, straw.
Anyhow, its quick and easy and adds a bit of texture as well as smelling gorgeous so it has done me proud on my last few nights out.

Sugar Rush (and silliness) in action x
This month I have been absolutely loving Jo Malone's Limited Edition Redcurrant and Cream Cologne; it is part of the capsule Sugar and Spice collection which is something a bit different for the all English perfumery and there are very few stores with stocks of the fragrance left but I have to confess, I bought two bottles because I couldn't stand the thought of what would happen when it ran out (correction, I twisted the boyfriend's arm and he bought the first bottle...I had to sneak back for the second). The scent is just sooooo pretty; fruity with a touch of floral and while very sweet, it is still surprisingly fresh; honestly, I have not smelt anything like it in a long while. It is expectedly pricey but worth every penny in my opinion; I am not sure if you get this like I do, but some amazing smells just genuinely make me feel 'happy' and this is one of them; definitely my go to scent for Spring!

Other (this is the really cool stuff....just saying)
Vanity Fair 
I have to admit, this is not usually the magazine I reach for (I usually head for the Economist or, FAR more frequently, LOOK magazine...yes, I know) but this month's cover had the most stunning picture of Audrey Hepburn and being that she is my absolute idol, I had to buy it, despite its rather pricey price tag. And honestly, I read it cover to cover; the articles were so interesting, witty and insightful that quite honestly, I was inspired. As this blog probably hints, in its smallest of ways, I like to write and the standard of journalism evident in this magazine just reignited my love a little, cheesy as I know that sounds. I have the utmost respect for a magazine that can do that. Huge thumbs up and recommendation from me.

And last, but absolutely not least....

Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream

Ok, so I am not sure whether I am alone in this (well actually, I know I am not) but this Winter has been absolutely brutal on all the old 'extremities' and my hands and feet have been absolutely disastrous; never before have I had so much dry skin and I hate it. I am a compulsive moisturiser at the best of times but no matter what I did, or how often, nothing worked. Until I found this amazing Japanese moisturiser in Space NK (I have since found that it is indeed stocked in select Boots stores! Score!). Admittedly, it is a pricey number, coming in at £19.50 for the pot pictured but given its glycerin base, it is soooo thick that you really don't need much of it at all. And what is really great is that although it feels greasy to start (which I know a lot of people hate in hand creams generally) it sinks in within minutes and the acid test: you know when you wash your hands and with 99% of creams and lotions you can feel it coming off as you run your paws under the water? Well, this doesn't do that! Because its already in, under that first layer and working it's magic. Honestly, if you have struggled with dry skin on your hands and feet (you can even use it on your lips!), I highly highly recommend this all purpose cream; it really has saved me and I have never seen results so fast!

Anyway beauties, I hope you have enjoyed catching up with me on my 'March Favourites' and we would love love love to hear about yours. Have you shared any of the same favourites? Any recommendations? We would love to hear them.

All my love,

From the Heart,



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