Monday, 12 August 2013

A little rain, a little haul...

Hi there all, 

So it's been a while and, when I say a while, I appreciate that this is a gross underestimation. Nevertheless, here I am, checking in from the homeland. Yes, you got it, South Africa. More specifically, the Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town which has kindly gifted us with free wi-fi for the duration of our stay! As an aside, I personally think that wi-fi should ALWAYS be free in hotels but we all know that it isn't...that frustration however, is another story, for another time...

Anyhow, Caitie and I have now been here 2 days and have consumed a large amount of hot chocolate, done a single work-out (of 20 mins...we hope to hit the gym tomorrow morning but if I'm being honest, I have my doubts...) and have already hit a few of the shops...

I was, for me, rather restrained and only picked up a few bits of stationary from the legendary 'Typo'. This store has a pretty urban outfitter-esque vibe but without the clothing - if that makes sense?

So, Cait and I picked up an adorable iPhone case each (I am known to have a few too many of these but a new one just always feels so spesh!). What do you think? Mine reminded me of a long-ago Brighton Pier but I love Cait's - what more could you want than balloons and the Eiffel Tower?!

I also grabbed a notebook (for the notes that I'll be needing for the impending doom that is my next Insurance exam...) while Cait picked up a similar style flip file- I just loved this ballet dancer/puppeteer - something a little different I thought.

We got a little over excited when we found these super cute 'Let's blog some s***' makeup/pencil bags - a little cheeky but so very appropriate for the likes of us so we both picked one up - snapsies.

I also loved these button magnets; my boyfriend and I have taken to pictures on the fridge and some more magnets to hold these up won't go amiss. In fact, I think they will be a vast improvement on the 'come fly with me' sticker like magnets we are currently making do with. I suspect the man may stamp his feet and declare these too girlie - I think I'll likely win out though, given their obvious practical application and the fact that well, obviously the girl is always right... *nudge nudge, wink wink*

On the subject of the boyfriend, I picked up this 'Doghouse' keyring for him; as he has just lost the one I bought him previously (Krispy Kreme), and he is so very very familiar with the figurative doghouse (second home and all...), I thought this was better than appropriate! I am not sure he will agree though - I will be sure to let you know!

Lastly, we picked up some of our favourite sweeties and enjoyed these muchly while we snuggled up indoors away from the very fierce Capetown winter wind and rain! 

If you liked the look of our Typo haul, please head on over to Caitie's new blog for her take on things; i'll pop the link below. 

Ps - I'll let you know if we make it to the gym....

All our love, 


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