Thursday, 12 June 2014

Why Hello there Pretty Pastels...

Hey you beauties,

How are you?

We are now over 'hump day' and the weekend is fast approaching - this in itself is reason for delight! What do you have planned?

So, where have you been this last 10 days you may ask? Ummmmm painting my nails a number of pretty shades, thats where! I jest, I do, in fact I have gone back to work, albeit 'from home'. As I think I've mentioned before, I had 3 weeks off to recover from surgery and the following 3 weeks I have been and will continue to be 'working from home' which definitely brings with it its own challenges!

While I have enjoyed managing my own time and have loved the sound of the Thames washing up under my window (yes, I live right on the river!), taking one's job and stripping it of all the banter of an office can be tiresome. It has become frightfully one dimensional and for that reason I will be pleased to be back in the office next week. Well, sort of anyway.

The point of this post was not to ramble however (how do I always manage to?!); I actually wanted to share with you some (pastel) nail shades I have been adoring this Spring.

So, something you should know about me and nail polish - in principle, we don't get on. I always manage to smudge or chip my mani moments after its complete. Dull I know, but true. So true.

But wait. With the new shades I have found and been dying to try (and bought regardless of whether I'd actually use them or not), I rediscovered the top coat that changed my life (nail wise...) a while back: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Top Coat. Oh. my. God. The stuff is incredible - gives the colour such gloss and staying power and actually ACTUALLY dries in 60 seconds (ok, I'd give it 5mins to be safe but you get my drift).

Along with my hero top coat, you'll see the amazing Leighton Denny crystal nail file. I know you might be wondering what the fuss could possibly be all about; I mean, a nail file is, well, a nail file right? WRONG. This baby is incredible, and comes with the a recommendation from one of my favourite beauty bloggers, Amelia Liana (please please go and check out her YouTube channel if you haven't already, she knows her s***); her nails are always immaculate so when she said this was her secret, well I gotta say, I believed her.

Anyway, with these bad boys at the ready, I was now able to give my new favourite shades a try and hope you'll enjoy them as much as I have been. 

Front: 873 Breakfast in Bed
Front (right): 621 Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Back: 501 Fancy a Dip?
(All Rimmel...) 

Essie  'splash of grenadine

I'd love to hear what shades you have been loving for Spring?

All my love,

From the Heart


PS - should you have noticed the absolutely gorgeous framed picture (of a Coco Chanel bottle) in the background of all my pictures, it was made for me for my new place by my very talented sister (Caitie of When Caitie Met Soda - please head over and check her out, her online jewellery store is launching soon!)



  1. I have serious nail envy and feel like I need to purchase all of the polishes in this post! Love you lots xoxo

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