Thursday, 8 November 2012

Caitie's October Favourites!

Hello Beauties!

First off, let me apologise for my absence. I have had a tough few weeks, and have really struggled to find the time and energy to dedicate to a post. I know that sounds awful, and I truly don't mean it to. I have just always been the type of person who hates to do a job halfway... And, so, when it comes to blogging, I hate the idea of publishing a half-hearted post.

Secondly, let me ask you all how you are?! What have you been doing? Today is my first day off in six days (welcome to the working world, Caitlin) and I must admit, I have been EXHAUSTED! I have a post in the pipeline about what's been going on with me, and life in general, so, if you're interested, look out for that!

Today I thought I'd talk to you all about my October favourites. I haven't done a favourites post before, so I'm pretty excited about it!

*Skin Care
Soap & Glory 'The Righteous Butter'
My sister and I are both huge fans of the Soap & Glory products, and this gorgeous body butter is definitely an October (and general all-time) favourite! My sister has just instructed me to disclose that she in fact (apparently, although I find this questionable) introduced me to the ENTIRE Soap & Glory range (she's not one for boasting). Oh, Christie, I love your modesty. I love the way this product smells and feels when I apply it to my bodddyyy (saucy!) I hadn't used this butter for a while, but when I went into Boots and saw 3for2 offers on all skincare I decided to pick up three mini body butters. Each one was £2.50, so I spent £5.00 all together, and felt like I had gotten a bit of a bargain! I am definitely going to ask for the full-sized one for Christmas! (N.B. If you like your body cremes to match your perfumes, this is a good one to go for, because it's affordable and smells just like Miss Dior! So, really, if you like your body creme to match your perfume and happen to also have Miss Dior, this is definitely a good one to go for!)

Avene 'Skin Recovery Creme'
If you've followed us for a while, you will have probably seen that I have mentioned this BEAUTIFUL creme before (in a post about my daily skincare routine). I really can't rave about this creme enough and, to be MODEST, have converted both my sister (who is apparently the fountain of all-knowledge) and mother to be Avene fanatics as well. You can pick this bad boy up in Boots for £12.50. Although it seems quite pricy (okay, it doesn't just seem pricy, it is!) it does last well, and, to be honest, is just TOTALLY worth the money.

Laura Mercier 'Mineral Powder'
I've used Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder for around a year now, since I first saw Barbara (also known as thepersianbabe on Youtube) talk / rave about it. This product is rather pricy at the £32.00 marker, but, again, is definitely worth it. I don't tend to refer to everyday products as investments, because they do get used up quickly, so, although this is money you won't really see again, it is worth it for the way your skin looks and feels when you use it. I apply this powder everyday, over my liquid foundation. Although it can be used as a mineral foundation on its own, I prefer to use it as an add-on to my routine, as it gives me just the right amount of extra coverage and glowiness. I think that's what makes this product so special really; the 'glow factor'. It gives your skin a lovely dewy and satiny finish, whilst making it feel as soft as a babies bottom. In three words, I LOVE IT, and in four, can't recommend it enough!

Benefit 'Erase Paste'
I know, I know, I'm not the first person to rave about this product. I've read many a glowing review about this Benefit concealer. When I saw Zoe from Zoella review this product, I knew I had to have it! This bad boy set me back £18.50, which is rather pricy, but definitely, definitely worth all of the pennies! The sales associate in Benefit advised me that this concealer is primarily an under-eye concealer, but, I must admit, that I have used it on any and all of my dark spots and imperfections and am IN LOVE with it. Why is it so amazing you may ask?! I have one word for you: texture. This product is a thick yet creamy consistency, and blends right into your skin. It doesn't 'highlight' blemishes as I have found other concealers do, but simply gently masks them. I absolutely LOVE this product. It has pride of place on my dresser, and also comes out with me wherever I go.

Mac 'Stay Pretty' Pro Longwear Blush
I am a self-confessed Mac blush ADDICT. I love every part of the experience of going into Mac and choosing a blusher, knowing I don't really need it but want want want it. I picked this Pro Longwear blush up in House of Fraser as a treat for myself (yes, that was my justification!) and have reached for it almost everyday since. Stay Pretty is one of the blushes in Mac's Office Hours collection and costs £19.00. Although this is again rather pricy, Mac blushes last FOREVER (I have yet to hit pan on any of the ones I own) and so, in that respect are little investments for your makeup collection. I love this blush because it is simply the girliest pink in the world. It gives your cheeks a gentle flush, which I think is perfect for the wintery months that are now upon us. Since purchasing this little beauty I've seen a number of mixed reviews about the Office Hours collection. Most concerns about the blushes revolve around their longevity, but, I must say, I have not noticed any problem with this at all. I apply it in the morning and it lasts ALL DAY, literally.

Yankee Candle in 'Fresh Cut Roses'
So, this was one of those treats I picked up for myself and have been in love with ever since. There is something so magical about coming home and putting on your fairy lights and lighting your favourite candle. I have wanted a Yankee candle for absolutely AGES, but have never picked one up because of the price marker (around £15-£19 yikesss!) But, October saw me finally bite the bullet and treat myself to this gorgeous girly candle. After burning it throughout October I can finally justify the price of the Yankee products. Unlike many alleged 'scented' candles which actually don't smell AT ALL when they burn, this candle fills whatever room it is in (whether burning or not) with it's gorgeous scent. Roses have always been my favourite flower (alongside peonies and giant daisies) and so I love that my room smells just like them! I'm definitely planning to pick up a more festive scent when I get paid!

So beauties, that's it for my October favourites. I hope my thoughts about these products have been of some use to at least some of you. What were your October favourites?

Lots and lots of love,

Caitie <3

Ps. I'm sorry if the picture is a little bit blurry! I really wanted to get this post up for you guys, so I took it quickly on my iPhone!

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