Thursday, 1 November 2012

x Toms x Movember Launch Party x

Hey beauties, 

How are you all this wintery Thursday? I must admit, I am super red nosed and snivelly and fully intend on an early night tonight. That is my hope. Prior to being struck down by this nasty flu, care of the germy commuters I am sadly surrounded by daily though, the gorgeous Amelia Simmons extended a very generous invitation to the Toms x Movember Launch event at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden. She didn’t have to ask me twice – it took me all of about 7.5 seconds to decide that yes, I would certainly be kind enough to oblige and be her ‘plus one’ for the evening.

Toms are a brand for which I have a whole bunch of respect; the whole concept of ‘One for One’ makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy inside and, more importantly, reaffirms my own belief that despite the prevalence of capitalism and what this has mistakenly come to mean, companies that want to can, and do, still make a difference.

Likewise, those guys at Movember score some serious cool points on the whole making a difference barometer – as Amelia notes in her fab post on Lady M Presents (check it out it’s an amazeballs online fashion and lifestyle magazine), Movember, the month in which guys grow some sometimes seriously impressive facial hair to raise awareness, for testicular and prostate cancer (among other male health concerns), has raised £184 million and in 2011 alone, £79.3 million was raised, by way of some 2 milion entrants! Woowzers – that’s an awful lot of hairy-faced men raising money for a cause that matters. Personally, I would be far more inclined to grow an impressive moustachio than run a marathon but given my gender, I may be forced to stick to the latter (note to self: run a marathon at least once in my life).

Anyway, what a smashing evening it was – champagne cocktails, a ‘20’s theme (I have to insert the old ‘I didn’t get the memo’ excuse here because as you will see, I was not wearing a flapper frock or headband, despite this being one of my favourite eras!) and the best music I have heard in a long time, care of the fantastically talented  (and admittedly superbly good - looking) Franky and the Jacks; we couldn’t help but get a little too involved, dancing a little too much and twirling far more than one really should (unless you wish to feel dizzy of course…), all before heading home at  9pm! While the night was still young, we both had fairly notable treks home and work the next day, so we decided to keep it sensible; it was a Tuesday after all. 

Despite departing early, we did not leave empty handed and were gifted with not 1 but 2 fab grey Tom’s tees (one of which we got to design ourselves care of the ingenious print screens they had installed especially for the event) and a gift bag, the contents of which are shown below! I must admit, I love a good gift bag and, while you might wonder what on earth a girl would do with a man’s razor and an entire bottle of HP sauce; fear not, I will be making use of both of these.
So below are some happy snaps from the evening, which I hope you will enjoy - oh and the gorgeously tall and oh so stylish girl in the pics with me is Sammy Aki - also known as the Groom Style Consultant. Enjoy the snaps and let me know what you think and remember...

'Start Something that Matters'. 

All my love, 




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