Thursday, 8 November 2012

x Prints and Patterns for Pins x

Good evening beauties,

How are you all today? Looking forward to the weekend? I know I am - I am not sure where exactly this week has gone, or what I have actually achieved but despite this, I feel like Friday will now be well deserved and the weekend even more so!

Sooo, as its been so quiet here at 'From the Heart', we thought we both drop you a post and also apologise for our quietness! It seems to have been a pretty manic couple of weeks, for reasons that we can't quite pin point and it hasn't been especially helpful that I have had to spend the most part of the last two weekends in bed - I am not 100% convinced that working life is agreeing me with!? I have never before been so horribly ill so frequently!

So, I thought I'd share my latest love - printed pants (and by pants, I mean trousers, to be clear!). Having developed a certain weakness for coloured jeans a few months back (I now own green, maroon, sky blue, baby pink and turquoise skinnies - a couple of pairs more than I really have time to wear to be fair), I have now skipped along to the whole patterned leg look and I must admit, I'm loving it.

At 5"3 (and three quarters!) I am admittedly not the tallest, I always thought that this sort of look would be a no no for me, simply because there just did not seem to be enough leg to show off the print! But I have since decided, to hell with it, if a girl wants to plaster her pins in patterns, so she should be allowed to do! Plus, the store's inclusion of 7'8th length trousers has helped a little to because, by having a little show of ankle on display, even in flats your legs give the illusion of being just a little longer than perhaps they are. Well that's the story I am rolling with anyhow.

So the red 'tartanesque' jeans are from Topshop (Leigh - current season) and are so comfortable - stretchy enough to not feel suffocated or as though you are inducing a hernia but tight enough to keep their shape and make your bum look hot (or so my sister says...)!

The pink and black heart print pants are also from Topshop (I am sure you may recognise them - I know I saw them in store for a while before plucking up the courage to try them on) and I have so much love for them. The fit works so well with the print and they are, in my opinion anyway, loud enough to make a little statement but tame enough that for the most part, people haven't seemed to respond with an overt 'WTF are you wearing' face.

(My printed babies in action)

As for the black baroque print pants - well these babies are from Zara and I actually picked them up at Heathrow on my way to Chicago last month. Now I'd actually seen a girl wearing these (well I am 95% certain it was them!) on the tube earlier that week and had been so close to asking her where her pants were from because they were, frankly, amazing, but then she got off at Temple. Sad times. Anyhow, unbeknown to me, they were in fact from Zara and I stumbled upon them at Heathrow and had to snap them right up! What I love about them is, although they are technically 'premium denim' they work for work because they don't look at all like denim (admittedly you probably need a longer shirt/blouse to cover the tell tale jean pockets on the bum though, just to be safe) but because they are, they are so comfortable. They also keep their shape surprisingly well and I find them an awesome staple for the Thursday night transition from work to cocktail hour. Sadly, I don't have any pics of them on - mainly because in pictures its rather a challenge to get the print to show up. Anyhow, hopefully you'll get the idea :)

Anyway beauties, that's all from me for now - its now cupcake time with the mom and sister before a gossip girl sesh and bed. And then my friends, it will officially be Friday!

All of the love,


PS - my sister says she is all for individuality but that she doesn't appreciate the "x's in my titles. I told her to bug off. x


  1. Absolutely love the pink and black jeans!

    1. Thanks! Me too! I have gotten a few compliments on the pink trousers- they're definitely winners, and so comfortable too! Lots of love, Christie xxx

  2. Christie has her own account now! <3

  3. Your heart ones look sooooo cute! I love patterned trousers at the mo too X

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