Sunday, 14 October 2012

Delays, Delays and Cancelations.

Good Morning Beauties,

How are we all this gorgeous (for now at least...) Sunday morning? I for one am grand, mainly because I am in bed, with the sugary wonderousness (that so IS a word) that is my morning cup of tea.

Anyhooooow, I, Christie, sister to Caitlin, am prone to the odd rant or 10 and, while I am NOW in my zen zone, I feel that I should share that a couple of days ago, I was NOT. Who was responsible for this trauma you ask (well, you might not have, but I can't go anywhere with this if you didnt...!)? SOUTH WEST TRAINS. Obviously.

Now, I took it on the chin when, at 7am on on Thursday morning, it was announced that my train was cancelled; I just thought to myself, at least I have a coffee to keep me warm, calm and awake, whilst I wait for the next train. And I still remained calm and zenny when the train arrived, already full, and I was subjected to standing, for AN HOUR, sniffing the armpits of many a fellow public transport victim. All I could think was, thank god it was the morning because for the most part, people were still clean and relatively fresh smelling (emphasis on the word relatively). So, upon arrival into Waterloo, I gave myself a metaphorical pat on the back for keeping my cool and not letting this torrid situation put a damper on my good mood and went on with my day :)

Roll on Friday - a great day, by virtue of the fact that the next day will always be Saturday - I hit the South Bank with some besties for a couple of G + T's and a stirfry (which admittedly left me stinking of garlic but, on the plus side, protected from vampires - is it even vampires garlic wards off??) and following that, strolled back to Waterloo - to catch my oh so reliable train of course. But of course, it was delayed. I don't know about you, but I always hate it when the board just says 'delayed' and doesn't give any indication of how long this delay will be. But what I hate infinitely more than that, is that stomach sinking sense of dread when you realise that not only is your train delayed (or cancelled?!) but so too are ALL of the trains due to depart Waterloo....

Now the particularly fun part about living in Ascot is that there really is no alternative to the train that leaves from Waterloo, so no matter what bizarre travel combinations I envisaged as a means of getting home, there was really no way I was getting to Ascot this fateful Friday night. So off I toddled to a friend's house in Queenspark....thankfully she offered, the beauty that she is!

For the sake of social graces, I kept my calm externally but internally, wooaaah, a certain level of turmoil pursued as all I could think was, 'I have no clean clothes or undies and no toothbrush!'. I wouldn't say I came anywhere near my sister in the clean-freak stakes, but no clean undies or a toothbrush?! Really?! No, that's not cool.
[Note to self - as, I am to be at the mercy of public transport for at least the foreseeable future, I will endeavour to keep a spare pair of knickers and a tooth brush in my bag at all times, in much the same way as I now always have a spare pair of tights handy - don't even get me started on ladders!]

Anyhooowwwww, I left my hygiene concerns to one side (mainly as I really had no choice) and actually had a great night - Xfactor, chocolate, candy and strawberries and a LOT of silliness, followed by an uncomplicated, timely, train journey home the following morning.

Nevertheless, I will say this South West Trains: because of you, it took me longer to get home from work on a Friday evening than it took me last weekend to get home from CHICAGO (yes, the one in America). I guess that's actually fairly impressive when you think about it.

Beautiful people, I promise not to rant in my next post,

Much of the love and toodlepip for now,

x x x x

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