Saturday, 20 October 2012

Urban Outfitters Accessory Haul

Hey all,

Its been a while I know (uhhh, I've been back for about 2 weeks already!) but as promised, my UO haul! So, I should confess, I love Urban Outfitters. And I mean really really love it. And don't even get me started on their accessories. Well actually, do, because that is what this post is about!

So whenever I am lucky enough to make a trip to the States, and despite us having UO here in the UK, it is always my first stop! Generally, I try to avoid stores we have here when away, on principle really, as I'd rather find something a little different, but for UO, I make an exception, primarily because finding something a little different is exactly what I usually manage to do in there.

Those nail polishes I posted about a couple of weeks ago for example - I am not sure about you, but I haven't seen them in stores here (although I must confess, I have not exactly searched far and wide). That said, that is actually probably for the best because while I must admit, I love love loved the colours, upon removal, I noted that they had turned all my nails a nasty shade of orange, a little akin to the hue of a victim of radiation poisoning. Suffice to say, I was less than impressed, but luckily, Mavala's 'Victoria' (from their 50 year Anniversary Collection) saw me through this difficult time (see below!)

Nevertheless, and getting back to the point, the US UO always has some amazeballs accessories to offer, some of which I certainly never see over here, although sometimes they are in stores a couple of months later. Here are some bits I picked up:

Mainly necklaces and gold - as you can see, I'm a fan.
So I'm not sure what you think of that spear like gold tusk, but I love love love it. I saw it on one of their mannequins on my first day in Chicago and then had to drag my boyfriend to three different UO's to find it again. It's quite a statement on its own but I tend to wear it with a couple of others.

The big V necklace to the right is actually now available here (I will pop the link below for anyone who's interested). I love this because it works with so many different looks and is just a little unusual - I have gotten a fair few compliments on both these pieces I must admit!

I haven't actually worn the short little beady necklace yet, but this is an awesome every day piece and one I might wear together with my cold 'love' necklace (from the boyfriend) - will post pics when I do!

The earrings - well I know there is a lot like this around, so maybe not so different but can't wait to wear these up. I always think that, along with lipstick, a good pair of statement earrings vamps up almost any look. I also find that with earrings, if I want them to be noticed, I need to go quite big because my hair is outrageously long and lion like and as such, tends to hide any dainty little sparkles.

Last but not least - I picked this beaut up:

I absolutely adore this pretty glam gold cuff - definitely makes a statement and actually fits surprisingly well. I find cuffs are often a strange shape, or else, my wrist is - probably the latter now I think about it...but I'll continue to blame the cuffs. Anyhow, this was probably my favourite find - what do you think?

Anyway, that's all for now - I hope you all have the very best weekend! Caits and I would love to hear how you are spending it and what you'd like us to post about next!

Love and giggles,


x x x

Linkie, as promised:


  1. Gorgeous items! I'm so obsessed with metal jewellery at the moment x

    1. Thank you so much! You and me both - love love love metal and angular pieces at the moment!

  2. Replies
    1. Ahah !!! Love love love cuffs at the moment! Christie xoxo

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