Thursday, 11 October 2012

Happy Birthday Mavala!

Hello Beauties,

How are you all today? Me? I can't complain. I'm seeing a beautiful friend today for coffee; her and I always have such a giggle ! (Hello Leanne, if you're reading this!!!)

If you follow my posts, you'll know that I am a HUGE (that's an understatement actually; more like gigantic, gargantuan, excessively HUGE...) fan of Mavala nail polishes. My mom actually discovered them first; noticing their beautiful selection of colours, and then their clever mini sizes. After buying my first 'Elle Grey' Mavala polish, I was HOOKED. Because of the mini size of the product, application is extremely easy; the brush is just the right size to apply your chosen colour neatly. The consistency and durability of the Mavala products again, cannot be faulted. I find that two coats of my chosen polish lasts a good four/five days before it chips! I think that's pretty special.

This year sees Mavala's half century birthday, and, to celebrate, Mavala has brought out a retro anniversary collection; inspired by it's original shades of 1962. Not only are the colours in this collection GORGEOUS, but their names are cute too, and include, among others, Moscow, Roma, and Honolulu. You can have a peruse of the mini collection, and find your local stockist, by clicking here.

Mavala kindly sent me two polishes from their Anniversary collection (thank you!) and I am ecstatic to say I am now the proud owner of Honolulu (a GORGEOUS, classic pink) and Victoria (a classy and striking orange). These two polishes have pride of place on my dresser, alongside their friends Elle Grey and Lagoon. Thank you Mavala, I absolutely LOVE them! Christie and I plan to give our nails some TLC with these beauties this weekend!

So, beautiful people, if you haven't already, head over to Mavala to peruse their products (which also, excitingly, include other beauty products eeee!!!) If there's one thing I can promise, they won't disappoint.

Lots of love,

Caitlin <3

*Disclaimer* Although Mavala generously sent me two nail polishes, as mentioned in this post, my opinion of their products is my own. I will always review products honestly and disclose if / when they have been kindly gifted to me. 

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